Friday, April 1, 2016

Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Who lives and Who Dies?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Return of The Jedi

Hello, It's me, I was wondering after all these years if you would like to read my new blog, to go over everything? My first blog here in three years and I come out quoting Adele. The Larry Stanley from 2012 would have just showed me his pimp hand if he knew what I was up to. However I went with a Star Wars title,so that kind of makes up for it right?

You maybe wondering why after three years,  I have decided to return to blogging. That is a good question, and I wish I had a good answer for you, but I don't. I just felt like it was time to start writing and sharing my thoughts again. With my return to the airwaves tonight on Twisted Fiction Radio (link below and shameless plug..... ding) , the timing seemed right.

I know Big Bad Sports Daddy, my column in "The Burb" newspaper , and this blog all seemed to disappear abruptly in 2012. No, I haven't been hiding on Dagobah (Star Wars Reference #2), but I have been writing and producing indie films. Honestly in 2012 I was just spreading myself way to thin and something had to give and it was BBSD and everything associated with it, so I could pursue my film making passion.

Indie film making is great too!  Let me tell you, until you have worked 60 hours in a weekend living off bologna sandwiches and monsters, exhausted, but still trying to figure out if a light should be here or two feet to the left, you just haven't lived.

Three years ago Indie film led me away from this blog, but this year it has led me back. I started a new blog for my film Grey Agenda. As I was working on that blog, I started to realize how much I did miss writing. I have been thinking of relaunching this for a while, and I like I said the timing finally felt right.

Last year I did have short stint on a Morning Show here in Dallas, and put a podcast back on online for a couple of weeks. I can tell you honestly my heart wasn't really into either show. I wanted to be into both broadcast, I just wasn't.  Now I can  tell you I am 100% ready to run my mouth and broadcast again. That starts tonight with Big Jon on T.F.R,

If you are a new reader you may not remember like my returning customers(by which I mean my Mom & Dad), this blog was filled with topics like beer, women sports, and football picks in the past. In my late 20s and early 30s that seemed to be what mattered. Now as I am closing in on 40, I have realized I have so much more to share and I will right here in the future.

Before I sign off from the other side(dang it just quoted Adele again) I want to say how great it was to see the #9 Jedi back on the field on Sunday. Are the Cowboys playoff bound? I don't know, but I do know I am not going to be watching the Red Zone for extended periods of time during their games, at least not for the next couple of weeks.  You didn't really think I would write a blog without some football talk, did you?

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Indie Film "Decisions" Movie Drama (Full Length Feature Film)

Here is the link to my latest movie "Decisions" Watch and let me know your thoughts, would love to hear them. Hit me up on Facebook or email

Friday, August 31, 2012

8-31 Best Bets

The Old Professor L-Train is back for my third straight Football season of picking games right here on If you want to check my stats from last year, here you go.

2011 Professor L-Train's
NFL 17-6-2
NCAA 18-14
Overall 35-20-2

As Jen Welter and I talked about last night on the Fooseball Show live from Frankie's in Uptown Dallas, Week 1 of the college season is a "dust the dirt off your cleats" week. Going through the schedule on paper there are only 3 decent games. You have :

Mich State -6 vs Boise State
Clemson-3 vs Auburn

and in the main event

#2 Alabama-14 vs #8 Michigan

I'm not crazy about these lines, however my mom didn't raise a chicken. Let's do this! Here is where my money is going this week. Happy Betting and good luck!

Boise+6 over Mich State
Clemson-3 over Burn

Bama-14 over Mich

Also show me
LSU-44 over North Texas. Welcome to the ass kicking of your life Mean Green.
OU-30 over UTEP.

Remember to hold back early in the season. Lay off and bet low. We have to let trends develop so we can bust them up later in the year. I know we are all anxious to get some action. Just go Axl Rose and show a little Patience...OH....Yeah..

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BBSD NFL Preview.

This blog is going to be the BBSD NFL Preview. Before I get to that I would like to address what is going to on with the BBSD Podcast.

Thanks to everyone that has supported the podcast this year. Our downloads are at an all time high. Unfortunately Monday morning our house/studio burned down (True Story). So while we sort everything else out the podcast are on hold. We are doing everything we can to get them back up and running. We should be back to 100% in a week or two. Here is a pick of Nil (Larry Stanley Show) Mr.Rocky Balboa (Larry Stanley Show Mascot) and I yesterday from the Dallas Morning News Yesterday.

Now on to a happier note! It's football season! Here's what you can expect from the NFL in '13 season.

AFC East- This division is pretty cut and dry. Pats win! The Bills may make a run at a wild card this year, but I doubt it. The Jets better hope for some Tebow Magic or they are 7-9. As far as the Fins go it's more growing pains behind rookie Aggie QB Ryan Tannehill.

AFC North- This could be the most competitive division in the NFL in 2012. You have 3 legit teams that could win. You also could see a changing of the guard this year. You will see 3 teams from this division make the playoffs. The Steelers are starting the season banged up. That never turns out well. The Ravens dominant D is a year older. Then there are the upstarts in Cincy. Lead by TCU's own Andy Dalton. Dalton to A.J. Green is going to be lethal this season. However Cincy's running game leaves a little something to be desired. Last year they also failed to beat Baltimore or Pitt in the regular season.That will change this year. Don't let anyone fool you that Bengals D is better than advertised. They ranked #7 in total Defense in 2011 and made steps to improve during the off-season. The Browns will turn back to Colt McCoy by week 6, but by then it will be to late.


AFC South- The only thing to care about in the AFC South in 2012 is Andrew Luck's development. The Jags are in turmoil and will find the cellar once again. The Colts will finish just a little bit better behind their rookie franchise QB. Oh, they still have a team in Nashville? Who knew? The Texans should win the AFC South by default.


AFC West- It's all about Peyton Manning in the West. Is he the second coming(Elway reference not J.C. reference) Can he lead this Denver team to the Glory Hole Days? I don't see a lot standing in Bucking Broncos way. The Raiders are the Raiders. Chances are McFadden misses 6 games. The Chargers can never put it all together. The Chiefs could make a run at the Broncos but, they come up just a little short.


NFC East- I would love to type The Cowboys are going to win this division but that's not going to happen. The Cowboys have a very tough schedule and a bad coach. When it is all said and done The Boys will be lucky if they get to 7 wins. The Redskins have RG III in place but they are a year or two away. That leave the Super Bowl Champion Giants and Eagles to fight it out up top. When the dust settles and it's all said and done look for the Eagles to win the East this year. I see the Giants edging out the Falcons for a wild card spot though.

3.Cowboys :(

NFC North- Bears,Lions,Packers and Vikings, oh my! The Black and Blue division will go at hard this year as well. The Bears have a new offense. The Lions have a very hyped O. The Packers have Aaron freaking Rodgers! The Vikings have A.P. back from ACL surgery. There are going to be some Deadwood type shoot outs in the North. I don't think the Lions will be able to match the Pack blow for blow though. I never trust a Jay Cutler team either. Pack take the division and Lions are a wild card.

NFC South- Even though Cam Newton had an unreal rookie season the Panthers failed to get him any help in the off-season. Cam alone can not top the Falcons or the Saints. Now the question is the Falcons or the Saints. Last time a hurricane hit New Orleans they won the Super Bowl. Based on that logic I am giving them the edge here. The Bucs are playing for a top 10 draft pick next year.

4. Buccaneers

NFC West- The 49ers were almost a Super team last year. No one saw that coming! In Jim Harbagh I believe. The Seahawks are regretting that Matt Flynn trade now but should still compete. Jeff Fisher knows how to win and could have the Rams challenging the 49ers at the top. The Cards have issues.





NFC Championship Game- Saints vs.Packers
The Saints pull out a miracle and they have the Hurricane rally on their side. Give me the Saints to the Bowl Ya'll

AFC Championship Game- Broncos vs. Patroits

We should get Brady vs Manning one more time. I don't see this ending up well for Peyton. It hasn't very often in the past. Brady will get to another Super Bowl making it #6 for him.

Super Bowl- Saints vs Patroits

The Saints Win! Let's go party on Burbon Street! Invite these two. They look fun

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Larry's Blog: #4 Scenario Fantasy Football.

Larry's Blog: #4 Scenario Fantasy Football.: Fantasy Football dorks all over the world are gearing up for their draft dates. In my league we set our draft date and draft order over t...

#4 Scenario Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football dorks all over the world are gearing up for their draft dates. In my league we set our draft date and draft order over the past weekend. I drew the #5 pick out of 12 teams.

Originally I was thinking Aaron Rodgers at #5. However after studying some mocks and asking around the league I am not so sure he makes it to me anymore. This year the focus isn't on stud running backs. The reason being many NFL Teams have put together crowded backfield. Would you rather have a running back splitting carries or top QB?

As most of you experienced fantasy footballers know you always want at least one if not two work-horse running backs to carry your team. In the past I have seen 8 running backs come off the board with the first 8 picks. Over the past decade could make a case for Peyton Manning or Tom Brady late in the first round too. Now you can make a case for 3 QBs, A wide receiver, two tight ends all going mid to late first round.

This year there are only 3 Legit RB#1 . You have Arian Foster,Ray Rice, and LeSean Mccoy. I suspect in most drafts in some way,some shape,or form these are your top 3 picks. All other top RBS are have huge question marks that come along with drafting them.

Here is a scenario for you, what if you are setting there at 4 and those 3 Running Backs are off the board? What do you do?

I think your first options is looking at 1 of your top 3 QBS. I think you have to think about Rodgers,Brady or Brees. These guys are so far above beyond other QBS it's not funny! It would be nice to lock one of them up and not worry or gamble on a QB later.

Calvin Johnson is another name that could go at #4. No WR in the NFL can put up numbers like that guy. It's not an insane pick at all. His Average Draft position right now is 6. I think in this scenario I go ahead and take him at 4. Then I hope that Stafford or Newton make it back to me in the second round. Stafford to Johnson would be a nice one-two combo to lock up. All though I am not a huge fan of that theory. This year I think that combo could land you playing for your championship.

The last thing to consider in this scenario at 4 is Darren McFadden or Chris Johnson. McFadden is for the #4 pick if health wasn't a concern,but yet it is now. Chris Johnson could be the come back player of the year. He could also be one step of dropping to lower tier runner. He is your proverbial huge Gamble with that huge upside.

I think a little later towards picks #10-12 in the late first round you could see Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski get chosen.

As we move towards our fantasy drafts the only thing for sure is this year is going to be insane! Here is my friendly advice; Be prepared! A little tip for you,if you don't know who Doug Martin is you better find out quick. Also stay away from Cowboys! Cowboys Offensive players = disappointment in fantasy football. Who am I kidding? Those Cowboys offensive players = disappointment in real life too.

Let Me hear how your draft shakes out.: YOu can find me all over the net:

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